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    About Us

    United Merchant Services of California, Inc. (known publicly as UMS Banking), has been providing payment processing services to merchants and financial institutions since 1987. Our corporate headquarters are located in Glendale, California with regional offices in northern California, Texas and Florida.

    In 2003 the Nilson Report rated UMS Banking (United Merchant Services of CA, Inc.) 54th nationally in the industry, up from 57th the prior year.

    UMS Banking was filed as a DBA in 2001 to eliminate a growing confusion between our firm and a number of other companies with the same or similar name that had formed over the years.

    UMS Banking currently employs over 65 staff. Our growth continues with plans in 2004 to add additional staff to support continued company expansion.

    UMS Banking Mission Statement

    UMS has as its primary goal, the increased production and profitability of our clients. Our product and our success are measured by the degree of expansion and growth in the profitability and size of our client banks’ portfolios.

    To this end, all company actions must be driven by SERVICE first, for it is service that gains UMS clients and retains them for the duration. Our staff must think of themselves as an extension of the financial institutions we service. As such, our staff and their actions must emulate those of the client banks that we care for.

    Second in importance is the creation and recognition of a stable and loyal production team. To this goal UMS strives to create an environment in which our staff can flourish and prosper. Staff longevity is a direct barometer of their feelings for their work environment. Critical to this success is our staff training program.

    Happy staff are productive staff, who service our clients well. In turn, we hope that our team will spread their enthusiasm to you and your clients.

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