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About Us

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  • Industry

    Commercial & Residential Services/Support

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    1000+ employees

  • Headquarters

    Ann Arbor, MI

Build a career you love

Imagine a job where you get to protect lives, have great hours and the work doesn’t follow you home. We offer that, and more, at HOODZ. HOODZ is North America's leader in kitchen exhaust cleaning.

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), over half of all restaurant fires are a direct result of the cooking equipment. You can make a difference and get paid to do so.

Career Paths

We want you to thrive and realize your potential at HOODZ, which is why we will work with you to fulfill your ambitions. Whether you want to grow in your role as a Cleaning Technician or one day own your own HOODZ location, we will do what we can to keep you challenged, productive, and happy.

With a job at HOODZ, you can:

  • Become a team lead.
  • Transition into another role.
  • Own your own HOODZ business.

Employee Testimonials

I like working for HOODZ because we get a sense of completion, and a job well done, as we finish cleaning each dirty duct and make it look brand new.


Most people have jobs where they constantly check the clock and dread how slow time moves. I look at the time and say, 'How did 10 hours go by that fast?


I love working nights at HOODZ because there are not as many people out and about and the night time feels more peaceful.



  • Trust and Independence (Work on your own)
  • Stability and consistency
  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • Work at night
  • Family-like environment