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Director, Community Investment

at Public Health Management Corporation

Posted: 7/3/2019
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 4d65280f-24ea-421c-82ba-37427d5847b0
Keywords: operations

Job Description

The quality of an individuals’ home and ability to access safe public spaces that meet their needs are key social determinants affecting individuals’ physical and mental health. Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) is seeking a Director, Community Investment to oversee specific initiatives within PHMC’s Economic Inclusion portfolio. In particular, the Director is responsible for the development, administration, management, evaluation, integration and expansion of PHMC’s work in health and housing and the built environment. This includes staff management, relationship development, and management of partners.

The Director, Community Investment requires assertive leadership and management skills in strong critical, analytical, strategic thinking; problem solving; fiscal management; program development; and administrative oversight. This position requires supervision and management of 2 staff (and growing), multiple programs, and potentially research studies; as well as interpersonal contact with funders, community members, academia, professionals, officials and advocates within multiple sectors. Primary responsibilities include: 1) accountability 2) growth, 3) profitability, 4) partnership/integration, 5) quality, and 6) talent development.

The Director, Community Investment will have oversight of two PHMC programs: (1) Restore, Repair, Renew: Philadelphia Neighborhood Home Preservation Loan Program (RRR), a new and innovative initiative developed by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) to increase access to low-interest loans for low-, moderate-, and middle-income City residents who own a home in need of essential repairs; and (2) Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) is a program that will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to revitalize neighborhood parks, recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries across the city.

Oversight of these two programs includes being responsible for the implementation of RRR and Rebuild, providing overall strategic direction, administration, contract management, reporting, partner relationships and accountability, and all other duties needed for RRR and Rebuild to be a success. In addition, under the leadership and direction of the Senior Director Economic Inclusion, this position is responsible for growing and sustaining both initiatives to include: developing new methods and approaches to improving community health outcomes through housing, economic development, and access to safe public spaces; developing and retaining a talented workforce; cultivating and stewarding partnerships; and providing fiscal oversight of grants and contracts within the department.



  • Responsible for overall operations of RRR and Rebuild to ensure on-time completion of deliverables.
  • Serves as a point of contact for internal and external partners.
  • Expands evidence-based community investment programs with linkages to the research community.
  • Develops and stewards relationships with funders and partners to support sustainability and growth of community investment programs, develop new opportunities, and inform research on public health trends related to housing and access to public spaces.
  • Participates or leads stakeholder/advisory groups, conference presentations and journal submissions, and participation in selected advisory and strategic planning groups as approved by the HPS Managing Director and Senior Director for Economic Inclusion.
  • Represents the organization and speaks at conferences and with professional groups about healthy homes, PHMC program outcomes, and health equity.
  • Keeps abreast of public health trends, research, and promising practices related to health disparities, housing, and home loan financing, use of public spaces; and translates complex concepts into actionable information for staff at all levels.
  • Integrates funding agency priorities and national trends into community-based initiatives to ensure sustainable relationships and programs.
  • Works across PHMC programs and subsidiaries to integrate programming and build partnerships.
  • Provides clear guidance and leadership to staff to support high program quality, clarity of vision, and team cohesion.
  • Facilitates regularly-scheduled team meetings for program quality assurance purposes and sharing of information.
  • Supports organizational strategic planning process through definition and implementation of strategies within portfolio and across organization, and tracking of progress in areas of program oversight.
  • Ensures that program staff are kept abreast of PHMC policies and procedural additions and changes, and apply said policies and procedures to work on an ongoing basis.
  • Actively participates in PHMC committees and advisory groups, when applicable.
  • Supports the work of other departments, when applicable, including funding applications, promotion of programs and initiatives, reviews of materials, partnership development, etc.

Program Administration

  • Provides programmatic and fiscal oversight for RRR and Rebuild, including monitoring program goals and objectives, as well as program budgets, and assisting PHMC Controller with fiscal
  • Ensures compliance with all relevant grant and contract requirements, including use of funds and This includes fulfillment of workforce diversity and inclusion goals established by City Council Ordinance.
  • Monitors program outcomes and activities through data collection, and writes and submits program reports according to contract
  • Recruits, trains, coaches, and supervises staff using clear performance expectations and
  • Serves as primary point of contact for grant-/program-related matters with funders and
  • Oversees multiple contractual and grant funded projects and subcontracts to ensure overall goals and objectives are met, and ensures compliance with all relevant grant and contract requirements, including use of funds.
  • Responsible for start-up for all new programs within the department. Manages all aspects of project start-up until appropriate staff are identified, hired, and trained.
  • Develops and regularly monitors all departmental budgets, expenditure reports, and financial position, communicates regularly with Controller and funder to ensure fulfillment of programmatic and budget obligations and efficient stewardship of grant and contract dollars.
  • Oversees development of evaluation, performance measurement, and continuous quality improvement plans and implementation, with support of staff and evaluation partner, when applicable.
  • Oversees development and implementation of program marketing collateral materials, including advertisements, flyers, and other media, as well as media campaigns, in collaboration with PHMC Communications.
  • Develops scopes of work, budgets, contract request forms, and contracts for all revenue and expense contracts within department; track and ensure that all contracts move through the process and are conformed.
  • Tracks all incoming invoices related to subcontracts and vendor deliverables.
  • Monitors all subcontractor/vendor/partner deliverables to ensure fulfillment of programmatic obligations and fiscal requirements.
  • Monitors program activities and outcomes, and writes, reviews, and/or submits program reports of project activities and evaluation/outcomes according to contract guidelines.
  • Plans and prepares for funder site visits, including logistics and materials/information gathering.

Quality Improvement

  • Supports PHMC and HPS-wide data and information collection related to programs/target populations to be used for snapshot, promotion of PHMC (marketing materials, presentations, etc.), and funding tracking/applications.
  • Supports development of organization-wide and leads department-specific quality improvement plans, monitoring and evaluation and implementation of PHMC strategic plan outcomes processes.
  • Supports collection and reporting of PHMC strategic plan outcome metrics.
  • Researches, analyzes, and synthesizes reports and studies relevant to best practices for job readiness, workforce development, and relevant public health content related to economic inclusion, trauma, and the role of financial wellness.
  • Monitors program outcomes, activities, and quality through data collection, dashboard, analysis and quality improvement best practices.
  • Closely collaborates with PHMC Research & Evaluation Group, where appropriate, to ensure high quality program evaluation and integration of data management.
  • Leads, supports, and contributes to the integration and development of research studies that yield submission of abstracts and manuscripts to conferences and peer-review journals.


  • Direct supervision of Senior Navigator and indirect supervision of Navigator and Outreach Specialists for Restore Repair It is anticipated that Rebuild will grow to include a direct report and indirect report(s) to this position.
  • Defines and manages staff performance goals, program priorities, and
  • Helps staff to define broader team performance goals, program priorities, and
  • Provides guidance on strategies related to staff training, staff improvement plans, and fosters positive work environment for all.
  • Conducts annual performance reviews with direct reports, assists direct reports with goal setting, and ensure that all departmental staff reviews and goal planning tasks are complete.
  • Conducts quarterly performance check-ins with all direct reports and ensures that check-ins are completed for entire team quarterly.
  • Offers and approves professional development opportunities to staff at all levels, especially as they relate to program deliverables and staff performance and growth.
  • Provide clear guidance and leadership to staff to support high program quality, clarity of vision, and team cohesion including staff training, staff performance and growth plans, and positive working environment.
  • Create an environment of collaboration and accountability, where roles and expectations are clearly established, and innovation and creativity is highly valued.
  • Work directly with personnel at all levels, as appropriate, to provide development and coaching opportunities for their future advancement.
  • Approves direct reports’ vacation, personal, and sick time.
  • Hires, trains, supervise, and coaches and problem solves with assigned staff.
  • Gathers and communicates staff/department feedback to leadership team.
  • Other relevant duties as assigned.

Grant Writing

  • Seeks, researches, and determines to which opportunities to respond. Convenes a team to support planning, development, and writing of proposals to funders to grow organizational initiatives and retain project staff.
  • Garners buy-in from internal and external entities to support and/or partner with new initiatives and receive written confirmation of said support in the form of letters of commitment/support/agreement or memoranda of understanding.
  • Ensures that all components needed to submit applications are completed and develop firm understanding of the proposal submission procedure (i.e., database, registration, number of copies, etc.) well before deadline.
  • Supports the work of other departments, when applicable, including funding applications, promotion of programs and initiatives, reviews of materials, partnership development, etc
  • Develops concepts and writes and submits proposals to funders to sustain existing funding and grow organizational initiatives.
  • Participates in regularly scheduled leadership meetings to develop new concepts and proposals.

Community Engagement and Partnership Development

  • Attends local, state, and national level meetings as representative of PHMC, RRR, and
  • Works across HPS, and PHMC programs and subsidiaries, to integrate programming, build partnerships and
  • Grows and maintain relationships with local, regional, and national partner(s) to expand new areas of businesses, sustain projects and retain staff by developing concepts and submitting proposal
  • Actively engages community organizations, leaders, and public health advocates to establish and maintain strong partnerships and/or collaborations with around health equity


  • Knowledge of community health and health disparities, and public health theories, principles and practices—and demonstrated ability to apply knowledge in practical setting.
  • Knowledgeable in qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies, data collection and reporting.
  • Ability to anticipate challenges, develop and implement proactive approaches to mitigating challenges, and problem-solve.
  • Ability to maintain positive working relationship with diverse people and various disciplines.
  • Familiar with and comfortable working in urban, rural and or suburban settings.


  • At least three years experience in senior management for housing, economic development, community health, or related field.
  • At least three years experience in supervising staff and fiscal/administrative oversight of housing, economic development, public health and/or community-based programs/initiatives.


  • Master’s Degree in public health, urban planning, economic development, education, public administration, or equivalent.
  • Must quickly acquire IRB certification and or acquire within 30 days.


  • Commensurate with education and experience.